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Strategic Facility Design

"We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us."  Winston Churchill

What is Strategic Facility Design (SFD)?

On October 17, 2008 the American Institute of Architects (AIA) released its new AIA Building Information Modeling (BIM) Contract Document E202-2008.  According to the AIA, the BIM was written to manage information throughout an entire project.  It should provide a solid foundation for further development.  It is our hope that its use will increase interest in the architectural profession to enhance its training in architecture with core courses in business management and organizational behavior.

Early during his college career, Sheldon Stone saw a need to expand management responsibility in the practice of architecture.  He doubled up on his education to earn a BS in Architecture, BS in Business Administration, and Master of Architecture from The Ohio State University, and an MBA (Organization Behavior) from Case Western Reserve University – all in eight years, while working part-time six years and full-time two.  He has employed this inter-disciplinary knowledge throughout his career.  Today, with new awareness and acceptance of a more management-based building design process, that inter-disciplinary approach has become more relevant than ever.

     3-D Strategic Facility Planning & Design has the technical expertise to understand, and share knowledge with, your architects, engineers, and real estate professionals, and knows how to communicate and share information with your organization’s executives.  Providing more up-to-date and accurate information to in-house real estate personnel allows them to better assist architects and external real estate professionals to develop better real estate programs, leading to improved real estate utilization and to greater productivity.  After your preliminary program needs are determined, as your agent, we will work with your design architect and other members of the design team who are responsible to verify those needs for owner review and approval throughout the design process.  We will continue such assistance through the stages of contract documents, bid, construction, and occupancy.

Home-Strategic Facility PlanningStrategic Facility DesignStrategic Process ManagementServicesStone